Can you convince a skeptic?
Why would one want to?

A friend of mine, upon learning of my interest in the Sasquatch and of my writing songs about them, stated … "Everyone knows those footprints are all faked!"
Now, I already know you're not going to convince a skeptic of the reality of this unique being that shares our forests and wild places, so I didn't even try. At the time, I felt attempting to convince this person that such a creature could exist would simply be an exercise in futility and a waste of time. I had better things to do! But then, upon arriving home, I got to thinking that maybe I should have tried anyway, for the sake of furthering Bigfoot awareness if nothing else.

Sooooo …. Mr Skeptic! Here goes! Here is what I should have said when I had the chance;

First of all; Since giant footprints have been found in practically every state in the union as well as many parts of Canada, you would have to believe that there are thousands of hoaxers out there at work. Further, you would have to believe they have been involved in those antics for hundreds of years. Don't forget that you would be dismissing the encounters and sightings of Bigfoot by thousands upon thousands of Native Americans throughout the ages! You want to tell all those American Indians that what they saw was a bear? Like they don't know a bear when they see one??? Not Me!

Second; Carved or formed bigfoot feet that one would wear beneath ones shoes while walking around trying to make Bigfoot tracks would fool only those who had limited powers of deduction or simply did not take a closer look. The reason is, every track from the bare foot of a living creature, including man, is different from the one before and after it!
Go out in soft dirt, barefooted of course, and make a trail of your own tracks for ten or twenty feet. At first glance they may seem to be all identical. But take a closer look … you will note that there are still differences in each track. This is because of the many factors that affect the resulting footprint; varying weight distribution, slight muscle flexion with each step, variations on the surface of the ground, changes in stride, spread of the toes,ect.   Like snowflakes, no two tracks are identical!


Third; Those footprints you made …How deep were they in the ground? ¼ inch? ½ inch? What if you saw a row of 18 inch footprints sunk 3, 4 or inches deep in the same ground your own track sank to 1/2" in? Putting on fake Bigfoot feet is not going to make your footprints deeper! Only weight or dynamic force will do that! So, what are we to believe …. That there are a lot of 400 to 600 pound men (or women) stomping through the forests of 48 states with fake feet? How about a 200 pound man with a 400 pound backpack? How many of those could we round up? And if so, how did he make it up that steep mountain?

Fourth; In order to gain the stride of a Sasquatch you would have to be running and taking giant steps. Of course, a 400 pound man, taking giant strides through the forest with fake feet strapped to his shoes ….. well, actually, he would have to change to different fake feet between each stride in order for each footprint to be different ......Can you see how insane this scenario is beginning to look?

It's certainly a lot easier to believe the tracks were made by a Sasquatch then it is to believe that they were hoaxed!