A commercial I did for
JCB manufacturing of UK.
My good friend from many years ago ...
John Gummoe, Lead singer of The Cascades
"Rhythm Of The Rain"
Visit him at http://www.rhythmoftherain.com/
Lenny and country
singer Buck Owens.
Lenny from abt 1955 .... that's a SIlvertone
guitar and amp!
Sworn Reserve Police Officer
Mounted Posse Division
Rank of Captain

This would be in the 80s.
Lenny in the 70s!
Lenny with country legend Ray Price, greatest country singer of all time!
Lenny and Bob Gimlin
2010 Oregon Bigfoot Symposium
Here are a few photos I thought I'd share with you, some recent and some from years back ....
Lenny and Mike Rugg at the
Bigfoot Discovery Museum
in Felton, CA 2010
Dave WIlson, Lenny, Art Eastlick
The Thundernotes of San Diego
Abt 1962
Forerunner of "The Cascades"
My Search & Rescue Unit
My "home" for four years in the US Navy
USS Jason AR8 Heavy Hull Repair Ship
I served from Jan, 1957 - Jan, 1961
Painting by Vernon Kerr. Used with permission.
Abe Del Rio of M.N.B.R.T.   &  Lenny    Richland, WA 2012