"Hundreds of years of European tradition is nevertheless lost amid the thick foliage and heady night air of the deep Louisiana swamp. In this place, this myriad of watery byways, where one can drift for hours through tunnels of cypress and moss and not see another human being or hear a completely recognizable sound - in this place, sensibility can be obscured and the long tradition comes readily to life. The tales become real, because the truth is, they are never far from being experienced again and again. On any day, you might be the next one to see the Louisiana Loup Garou!"
Brad Duplechien
Louisianna Spirits
Photograph "Cypress Sunrise" courtesy of photographer Earl Arboneaux, Jr.
All rights reserved.
loup garou,bigfoot,werewolf,louisiana swamps,faulk monster,sasquatch,southern legends,
Special thanks to Olen Dillingham of the
Bayou Boys for the great fiddle and accordian work.