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The Silver Strands Band
Jimmy Lee Holder Center - back row (Leader-vocal-rythm guitar)
  * Jimmy was Radarman 2nd
and to the right of him ...         Lenny Green          (Lead guitar - vocal)
  * Lenny was Engineman 3   ICE Repair Shop
and to the right of Lenny ...     Dave Wilson          (Drums - vocal)
  * Dave was Seaman, Deck Div.
After all the years I cannot recall the names of the others in the photo. Band members changed as they were discharged or transfered and replacements found. Also, bands were more into uniforms in those days and we contacted a local tailor in Sasebo, Japan, to make them for us. He took all our sizes and we left the design up to him. We weren't too keen on the results but we wore them anyway. As for the music ... ... we were all just really learning to pley and sing!    Still, they were good times.

Trivia Notes; Dave Wilson later became the drummer for The Cascades. 
Yeoman 3rd class John Gummoe, not in this photo nor part of this band, but a member of the Jason crew, later wrote "Rhythm Of The Rain" and sang the lead vocal with The Cascades in 1963. That song was a worldwide hit.
Visit the talented John Gummoe, lead singer of The Cascades
and composer of "Rhythm Of The Rain".You will find him at
 http://www.rhythmofttherain.com/ John was a Yeoman aboard the Jason