I sincerely hope you enjoy these songs that
I have written about my favorite subject.
I am very grateful to all who have said so many positive things about the CDs..
Thank you all ...
Lenny Green
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"Land Of The Bigfoot"
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"Land Of The Bigfoot ll"
"Bigfootin", "Grassman", "The Bigfoot Scenic Byway",
"The Mogollon Monster", "That's What Sasquatch Do"
"You're A Witness Now", "Bigfoot Country"
"The Mountain Is Mine", "There Ain't No Sasquatch Here"
"Bigfoot's Feet Ain't Big", "There's No Evidence", "Something"
"Bigfoot", "Keeper Of The Mountain", "Piney Woods Wildman", "Patti, Roger & Me", "Where The Wild Things Go",
"Ballad Of Ape Canyon" *, "Valley Of The Skookum",
"Running Bears", "Loup Garou", "Waiting For A Bigfoot", "Where The Skunk Ape Goes", and "Bigfoot USA"
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$12.50  Free Shipping
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"The Forest People", "Where Are You Now, Patty"
 "High Sierra Bigfoot", "Where Bigfoot Walks
 "It Came From The Woods of Boggy Creek"
"If I Was A Bigfoot", "The Land-Otter Man"
 "You've Got A Monster Hanging Around"
 "There's Something Out There" *
"Call Of The Wild" *, "Maybe He's Just Bigfoot" *

(* = Narrated by Lenny Green)
$12.50  Free Shipping
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