"Call of the Wild"

It's a high mountain valley and the bugling call
of an elk at first morning light
It's the soul-chilling howl of a wolf on the prowl
or the hoot of the owl in the night
It's the wail of the coyote, the bark of the fox,
the honking of geese flying by
Or the whistling call of an eagle that's circling
and watching it all from way up in the sky

It's the scream of a cougar from a canyon nearby
and it's the bleat of the wild Bighorn ram
Or maybe the screech of the Red Tailed Hawk
where he sees all that moves on the land
It's the hair-raising call of a Sasquatch
that silences all other sounds
Where even the terrible grizzley retreats
when he hears him comin' round

It's the noise of a jay, the moan of a bear,
or the chatter of squirrels in the trees
It's the splash of big Rainbow trout
on a small quiet lake that man loves to see
It's the stream that chuckles and gurgles it's way
down the hills toward the valley below
Or the long lonesome sigh of the wind in the pines
that touches the core of your soul

To many they're simply the sounds of the land
and the animal kingdom it hosts
To make something more of it all than it is
would be largely avoided by most
But to some it's much more than what reaches your ear
that beckons them over the miles
It's an ancient and mystical call only they hear
And it's known as the Call Of The Wild

Written by Lenny Green
25 Dec, 2013
(c) 2014 TaraShae Music
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